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How To Fix the RED RING OF DEATH Fast:    Download Your Red Ring of Death Repair Kit
How Can I Fix The Red Ring of Death?

The Xbox 360 Red ring of Death error is very common, believe it or not, it's been documented in various popular gamer magazines, and even Wikipedia, that approximately 30% of all Xbox 360's sold, will experience this irritating error.
So how can you fix it?

Well, I decided to make this blog as fast as possible, so I can show you how to avoid sending your Xbox 360 to Microsoft, waiting 6-8 weeks to get it back, and how to avoid paying for XboxLive while Microsoft is fixing your Xbox 360, even if your warranty has expired and the hefty $120 repair fee you might have to pay!

The next step you should take to fix the Red Ring of Death, is to follow these 4 simple steps below, and you'll be back to playing, Halo 3, COD 4, GTA or whatever it is you like to play or do on your Xbox 360.

Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Download the Ring of Death Repair Kit
  2. "You'll be redirected to the ring of death repair kit site"
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, hit the order button
  4. Site back, grab some popcorn & a soda, and watch the vids & instructions.
  5. 45 Minutes - 1hr 1/2 later your 360 will no longer have 3 flashing red lights.
Why Does the Ring of Death Happen?
The main reason behind it all, is "overheating"not just once, but over a number of times, you probably didn't even notice or maybe you did, some people experience multiple freezes during game play,restarts, shutdowns and other strange occurrences before you actually end up getting the ring of death error!

The easy way to avoid resending your console back to Microsoft a multiple of times, having it repaired as well as the "wait" that some-times takes weeks if not months to get it back, is to get the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair Kit that works every time!

I've used this kit myself, as well as tons & tons of other people, I work on computers and gaming consoles everyday, I know them inside out, and if there's an easier way to get things done, I'm all over it...this kit is one of them.The repair kit also fixes other common Xbox 360 malfunctions in case you run into other error's in the future or have a friends console screw up - "that's why I recommend it!"

I'll see you on XboxLive, if you'd like to leave a comment after you get your console fixed please do so, I'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say and how the kit fixed your Xbox 360 too!

From: Andrew C.

I've rounded up all the popular and not so popular repair guides and used them myself, scraping the ones that don't work, making sure you don't end up with a tragedy on your hands "laugh, that was funny :-)" I've listed below, from 1st to last as well as my personal favorite red ring of death repair kit, which is... Fixya360 (AKA 360FixKit), for being the most cool and helpful as well being the easiest guide/kit to use, even if your clueless!

Andrew Carnegie

  Fixya360 JD3RedLightFix 3RedLightFix Xbox360RedLightFix
Our Rank #1 #2 #3 #4
Effectiveness Excellent, provides the eaisest to follow blue prints Good, provides an ok interface Effective Effective
Ring of Death Repair Excellent, service, ease of use, clear instructions Excellent, provides complete cleanliness Good, but not as thorough Good, but not as thorough
Length of Repair Life-time guarantee Life-time guarantee Life-time guarantee Life-time guarantee
Ease of use Very Easy Very Easy Easy Easy
Support level Remarkable - offers any help you need instantly Great Good Ok
Reputation Very Good Excellent N/A N/A
Overall Score 98 Points 92 Points 88 Points 81 Points
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     Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Review

Fixya Xbox 360

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Overall Rating:

Technical Support
Ease of Use
Errors Fixed
As one of the more popular and well known Xbox 360 repair guides available, Fixya360 repairs your Xbox 360 -- whatever the problem might be... almost as fast as you've entered the members area!

But most of all, it allows you to go back to having a normal Xbox 360 again, by playing your games, connecting to XboxLive or doing whatever it is that you like to do on your Xbox 360 without being hassled or annoyed with irritating Xbox 360 problems, especially the ring of death.

  Fixya360 is available for immediate download

Fixya360 has a very extensive library of repairs for just about any Xbox 360 error known, from 1 red lights errors, 2 red lights error, 3 red lights error, overheating, graphic freezes and tons of others and don't need to know or have any special tools or knowlegde to fix them.

Please Note: If your Xbox 360 has the 3 red light error/Red Ring of Death, this 360 kit will fix it, they guarantee you'll have it repaired within an 1hr - 2hrs after ordering. I've personally used the kit myself and agree, it's very well laid out, easy to understand, and the videos are absolutely awesome to watch, you'll have fun doing it!

Overall:Their kit is worth every cent and second you spend getting your Xbox 360 fixed, you just won't be as happy anywhere else and most of all, you'll have a fully functional working Xbox 360 again.
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Three Red  Lights Fix

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Overall Rating:

Technical Support
Ease of Use
Errors Fixed

Our second choice is of course James Dean 3RedLightFix. This guide is by far one of the best repair manuals to help you fix just about any problem your having with your Xbox 360 console.

James Dean 3RedLightFix is on our list for the upcoming number #1 spot (Xbox 360 repair guides) for most afodable price, killer high quality videos as well as tightly well laid out tutorials, and easy to naviagte members area... You just ask for much more!

Much Like Fixya360 it also provides you the same kind of guidance for fixing common errors such as the three red light error, but also repairs; 1 red light problems, 2 red light error, overheating, freezing, disc tray problems, dvd drive failure, hard-drive errors and 99% of all other Xbox 360 problems you might have.

This is a decent XBOX 360 but it was a little confusing to follow because of the way that it was organized. Also the video tutorials are not as through as 360FixKit, it's stila great repair guide,you get your time & money's worth, but most of all, you get your Xbox 360 back and thats what counts most!

Click Here to Learn More about James Dean 3RedLightFix (Official Site)

3 Red Lights Fix

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Overall Rating:

Technical Support
Ease of Use
Errors Fixed

3RedLightFix is another great find in the market for a Red Ring of death fix. Although, we've found it doesn't provide that kind of quality peace of mind you can expect from Fixya360 it's a great 2nd or 3rd choice .

The instructions are very well written and extremely easy to follow. Full HD streaming videos are also included in the members area and it could not be any more simple to fix your own XBOX 360. By following the instructions given in this guide, with just a screw driver and a paper clip, you can have your XBOX 360 up and running again in under 2 hours!

3RedLightFix is very simple and it won't take more than an hour or so. Anyone can use it, especially for the beginner, However, there are a few reasons why it just doesn't rank number#1

Overall: 3RedLightFix is great for the Red Ring of death, but that's basically all you get, even though they advertise it will fix other common errors, we found it doesn't but if you just need to fix the Red Ring of Death, than this guide will do just that! But why settle for 3rd best you can very well have the very best all within just a click away Fixya360?

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Xbox 360 Red Light Fix

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Overall Rating:

Technical Support
Ease of Use
Errors Fixed

Xbox360RedLightFix is not the the greatest help when you want to fix your console, there is much better out there, Fixya360?

It only fixes the ring of death and doesn't cover any other techniqes, if your going to buy a guide, why not get one tht covers other problems, so if you ever run into another error with your Xbox 360, you'll have instructions to follow along with to fix the problem, whatever it might be and that's just something this guide doesn't offer you!

Our conclusion is that Xbox360RedLightFix isn't as reliable as we would like it to be, Fixya360 on the other-hand, gives you a solid product with life-time guarantee, that you won't ever have problems with the Red ring of Death in the future. Although Xbox360RedLightFix is an ok guide to own, it's not at the highest level of quality you need to really fix your console.

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